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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the film?

The film is 80 minutes long, but we can also offer a 60 minute version upon request.

Can anyone host a screening?

Yes! Anyone can host a screening, whether you are from a school, community group, clinic, festival, corporation, library, church, etc. Screenings can be in-person or virtual, and our team will provide you with everything you need!

How much does it cost to host a screening?

Screening fees do apply, and we offer several licensing options based on the details of your screening and/or usage. Please know that 50% of all license fees are returned to the film team, and support the continued promotion, engagement and impact related to Preconceived. Your support also helps us to provide equitable access to the film for schools and communities who need it.

The film team is eager to have Preconceived reach as many audiences as possible, so if your school or organization doesn't have a budget to cover the licensing fee, we may be able to help. To apply for a scholarship or subsidy, please email our team at

What types of venues can screenings take place in?

Anywhere you like! We can help plan a screening at any venue, and they can be either in-person or virtual.

How do virtual screenings work?

If you are interested in a virtual screening, our team can create a custom, branded, private screening room for your audience using our proprietary E-vents platform. All you need to do is provide us with a logo (black background if possible) and some optional materials to further customize your viewing experience (if preferred), and our team takes care of the rest!

Once you determine an activation date and length (typically 72 hours), our team will build your screening room and send you your custom link, password, and instructions for your audience. You will then send out all credentials internally to your screening participants. We typically do not offer the capability of watching the film collectively at the same time, but rather each participant would be able to log in on their own time (within the allotted time frame, an unlimited number of times) to view the film.

Participant registration via E-vents is required, unless otherwise negotiated with our team.

Do you help me plan my screening?

We are here to help as much as we can! We will make sure you have the film (and if virtual, that your screening room is all set), and we will also provide you with a digital screening kit containing the key art, poster, stills, press kit, and more!

Do you offer resources to help with facilitating a discussion around the film?

Yes! Here is a guide from the film team that we hope will help provoke thoughtful discussion.

Can I invite a member of the film team to participate in a Q&A?

Yes! We would be happy to facilitate an invitation to the film team and/or the representatives featured in the film to participate in your Q&A. You can email to make this request. Each invitation does typically include an honorarium fee for each participant, so please include information about your budget in your request.

Are captions and subtitles available?

Yes, we have a closed captioned version available! We also have Latin American Spanish subtitles available upon request.

What other offerings are there for educational institutions?

We have a variety of offerings available for institutions and schools, ranging from single-use screening licenses to perpetual screening and streaming licenses. You can find all our options here (ROCO’s website) and contact with any additional questions.

If I want to host a virtual screening at my institution, do I need public performance rights?

Yes, for any in-person or virtual institutional screening, you do need public performance rights and would therefore need to purchase a license via ROCO’s website here.

What licensing options do you offer for corporations?

We currently have many screening/usage options available that range from a single small screening to a company/organization-wide site license that would give exclusive virtual access to entire networks worldwide (for screening and/or training purposes). Fees vary based on license structure, so please feel free to submit your screening request here or contact to learn more.